Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mrs. Larson & Mielke's "Christmas Around the Classroom"

Mrs. Larson and Mrs. Mielke have been working on a "Christmas Around the Classroom" unit together. The students researched how different cultures celebrate Christmas and then compared those cultures with how their family celebrates Christmas. Above is a little bit of Tyler H's presentation. Tyler and the rest of the class did a great job!!!

Mrs. Dau-Getting the PK ready for the MOVIE!!

Mrs. Matson-SMARTboard in Action

Mrs. Miller-TAG Brainteaser

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So you maybe asking yourself...why the heck is the Middle School Principal blogging?!? Great question! Blogging allows me to occasionally give answers to thought provoking questions, it allows me to communicate with parents, students, and staff, and the one of the biggest reasons is it allows me to role model for our students the appropriate way to use technology to interact. Think about it...how many of you use facebook, myspace etc. to communicate with family and friends? We would be naive to believe that our students will not be using these as well! As we move forward with technology, it is imperative that we begin to take down the barriers of learning.

Part of the vision for Graettinger-Terril is to begin preparing our students to be a part of a global community. How else will we prepare them if the leaders of the district can not themselves be role models??

I hope you find my blog useful, and please make it interactive, if you feel like there is something you want to comment about, feel free to! Let the community of knowledge begin to grow!