Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day!!!!

Thought of the Week: We live in a society where it is really easy to be negative. It doesn't help that I have to watch the Lions play football on Thanksgiving day (indigestion is blamed on too much pie, I'm beginning to wonder...). I'm so happy that we have a holiday dedicated to positive thinking and family fun! I tend to wonder though, why we need a holiday to do something so basic like being thankful? What would the world be like if everyday was thanksgiving? Besides being completely obese, I think we would find more positive people doing positive things.

Before you begin your day, take a moment to think about the things you are thankful for (it helps if you write them down). If you can't think of any, IPERS laws are changing, so maybe it would be beneficial to retire now (that was my interior monologue), actually come to my office, and I will give you a great list of positive things for you to ponder. I would also encourage you to share them with your students.

Here are a few of mine:
1) Breckyn (healthy and alive) and Amy
2) A talented and gifted teaching staff who love kids.
3) Jane (need I say more?)
4) our 1:1 laptop program
5) The Bears being 7-3
6) Great kids
7) Positive growth within our district
8)Teresa, who continues to live in her office for the betterment of our district :)

This is just a few! I mean it every time I say it: we have a lot of GREAT things going on in our district! Our building is positive, we are having very few majors, and we are continually getting better every day that we teach.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where is the year going?!?

WOW! This year is flying by! I can't believe football and volleyball are over (congratulations to both teams for representing us well). We are two weeks from Thanksgiving and only 4 1/2 weeks (or so) to Christmas! With all of that said, this is a very crucial time for students in school. It is easy during the upcoming holiday seasons to want to relax and take a break, but it isn't break time yet!

Parents: are you encouraging and mandating your child read 20 minutes a day? Students: do you care about your future? The BEST way to improve your reading skills is by READING. I just read a great article in "TIME" magazine about what implications the mid-term elections have on our society. Did you read it? What have you read lately that challenged your thinking or made you want to argue with its beliefs?

Learning doesn't stop unless you let it...