Sunday, January 17, 2010

PD Reflections for 1/18/10...

After reflecting on today's PD, please answer the following questions:

What was the lesson objective?
What will you teach using the technology?
What are the students doing with the technology?
How will this help my students learn content at a deeper level?
What did YOU learn today?
What additional resources do you need from me to assist in technology integration into your classroom?


  1. Classify triangles by their angles and by their sides. Classify quadrilaterals by specific characteristics.
    How to use microsoft word to construct different types of triangles and quadrilaterals.
    Students will use the technology to construct and classify the different types of triangles and quadrilaterals and define and label each shape by specific characteristics.
    Students will be making their own parallel lines,
    congruent lines, acute angles, etc. to determine what types of triangles and quadrilaterals they are defining rather than just looking at pictures.
    A better idea of each students' understanding of the basic concepts of geometry.
    A color printer for the MS math room.

  2. The lesson's objective is for students to research and present about an African American who has made a difference.
    The students will learn to video conference during this lesson
    The students will be using technology to research and then give a presentation to Mrs. Mielke and Mrs. Gano via video conference.
    Students will learn at a deeper level because they are taking ownership of their learning and preparing their presentation to be video conferenced.
    It is exciting to see what I or we (collectively) are able to do with technology when given some time.
    The only additional resources needed for me are email accounts created for the students

  3. The objective is for students to identify prefixes and suffixes.
    The students will use the SMART board- Smart Response system to answer questions to assess understanding on prefixes and suffixes.
    Students will be using electronic remotes to communicate with the SMART board. They will be required to log into their indivudal accounts to complete assessment in a whole group setting.
    Students will learn content at a deeper level because they are working hands-on to solve problems by applying aquired knowledge in a different way.
    I learned the continued importance of constantly utilizing technology in my classroom.
    I believe that I could always utilize more time to continue to work on technology integration.

  4. The lesson's objective is for the students to learn about the forms of tobacco and effects of tobacco use.
    The students will be completing a webquest. The students will be using resources on the web and creating presentations using the information they have researched throughout the webquest.
    This will give them more resources to gather information from and the students will have to colaborate withing their group to create their final presentation.
    Today I learned how to create a blog page.
    I could always use more time, but I was able to get done what I needed to for today.

  5. Lesson Objective: Students will learn how to use a print or non-print source appropriate to a task.

    What was taught: How to navigate to a specific web address, blogging etiquette, conveying a message appropriatly on the internet, and analyzing a website.

    What will the students do with this technology?
    Students will be able to summerize information, identify main details, draw conclusions, and used organized information to communicate with others.

    How will this help my students learn at a deeper level? In this technalogical age students are always eager to work with computers, use the internet, and let their voices be heard. Because this will be posted on their principal's blog students will use those higher order thinking skills to show their opinions in an educated way so they will be taken seriously.

    I learned that technology is stepping out of a comfort zone and learning from others through success and failures! More technology time would be helpful to bring meaningful lessons to our students!

  6. My objective: Students will learn how to utilize legitimate websites to help them choose award winning books that will be of interest to them. Also, students will learn how to post their own book reviews to help others do the same. Finally, students will learn that blogging is another book report option.
    What I will teach: A. research skills B. How to post a book review on a safe website.
    What students will be doing: A. Find award winning book titles B. Read book reviews to aid in book selection as per their interests C. Post their own book review on a blog spot
    How will this help: My goal is that students will be able to choose quality material to read that is of interest to them so that they will utilize comprehension skills they have been taught.
    What did I learn today: I learned that I CAN set up my own blog-it's not that hard! I can also help students learn HOW to blog.
    Do I need more time to work on tech integration: YES~ to plan and utilize technology to this degree takes time, with only one prep a day I don't have time to focus on this.

  7. 1. The objective for the lesson is to review and identify elements, mixtures, and compounds.
    2. We will be using a website to review what makes up elements, mixtures, and compounds and then an activity on the same website to identify elements, mixtures, and compounds.
    3. Students will be using technology to both assist them in reviewing information and assessing their understanding of elements, mixtures, and compounds.
    4. This will help students learn at a deeper level by reinforcing what we have already learned and allowing them to reflect on their understanding after assessing themselves.
    5. New insight to the importance of the use of technology in the classroom and an introduction to technology that is available.
    6. My problem area is time management.

  8. The lesson's objective is that the students will gain knowledge and understanding of the current economic conditions in Mexico and the status of Mexicans who come to America as farm workers.
    The students will compare current conditions to those described in the book, Esperanza Rising.
    The students will be using technology by using research skills, reading blogs to questions/answers, deciphering quality information (viewing ratings, best answers).
    The students are using the information to document comparisons of Mexico's current economic conditions to the conditions in the book. This will help my students learn at a deeper level by use of inferencing skills and being able to navigate successfully on the internet.
    I learned that the web offers more in-depth information to our students at a faster pace than without it.
    Yes I could use more time because it takes a lot of time for a teacher to view and filter through interactive websites. I can then know what is effective for our students and what is not.

  9. The lesson objective is for the students to research a Middle East country and create a Wiki that shares what they have learned.
    Each student will use reliable internet sources to gather information about the assigned country. Then each group will access the Wiki site that I have set up for them. The information that they have gathered will be added to the site. After they have added their own information, they will comment on information that has been added and then compare and contrast the country they researched with another country. This activity will help them learn at a deeper level because they will have to share with peers what they learned and then comment on others work. Compare and contrast is also a higher level skill.
    I learned that I can do something out of my comfort zone and now I'm excited about this. I think the students will be excited also, I haven't heard them talk about Wikis, so I'm hoping I can introduce something new.
    I do need to add their usernames and passwords yet, so I do need the time to do that.

  10. Lesson Objective: Students will be able to use reliable websites to locate information and pictures of a U.S. President of their choice to use in a presentation and report.

    Technology Taught: how to use and

    Students: They are accessing the sites and finding information and pictures that they need for their report. Learning how to move around on websites.

    How this will help students: They will know how to access websites for reliable info for use in future projects and presentations or just for fun.

    I learned that teaching students how to use technology is essential to their future if they are going to be successful. Technology does not have to be just for "techies".

    More Time: As with anything, yes, more time means better ideas and results. There is so much out there and we just need time to find it.