Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cray-Pas Winners at GT!

Thousands of students participated in the "2010 Cray-Pas Wonderful, Colorful World Contest". They only select 150 students as finalist for this elite competition...BUT of the 150 finalist, 4 are right here at the Graettinger-Terril Middle School!! Congratulations to Ethan, Marcus, Jillian, and Danial for being finalist. Congrats also to Rae Ann for being named honorable mention! The students received a t-shirt with their own artwork displayed on it (see picture), a certificate, and a Cray-Pas art set. Special thanks to Mr. James for having our students participate in this competition. They represented our school very well!!

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  1. What a great honor for our students and Mr. James! He continues to push and encourage his students to strive for excellence, and has continued to receive this honor year after year! Congrats to him and to the students! Great job!