Friday, April 9, 2010

Mr. Ulrich Gets a Haircut!!!

Before taking the ITBS, student brainstormed with their teachers to determine what they wanted to work towards if they met their ITBS goals. The 4th Grade wanted a pizza party and to give Mr. Ulrich a haircut...

The results? The 4th Grade was 100% proficient in Science, 100% proficient in Math, and 95% proficient in Reading (with 50% of all 4th graders in the advanced reading range). So what is a Principal suppose to do??? Enjoy...


  1. Way to go 4th grade!
    Nice style you've got going Mr. Ulrich.

  2. Mr. Ulrich,

    What a great incentive to give the 4th grade students to do well!! This is a Fun memory they will carry with them for years!! Keep up the good work, students!!!!

  3. You was a youtube sensation at our house all weekend!!

  4. Love the video and your expressions at times! Too funny! But in all seriousness, what a fun way to inspire to kids to do their best. We are proud of them!