Monday, August 9, 2010

It's About Here!!!! (a 2 sided story)

August 19th has a very significant meaning to me...

1. It is the first day of school!
2. It is the due date of Amy and I's first child!

Hmm...that was well planned.

SO...summer is about over, and I've been reflecting about it. I had a wonderful summer! Last week I attended SAI (school administrators of Iowa) annual conference. I listened to speakers talk about the importance of setting expectations for those around you so everyone knows the positive things that will happen! I also listened to speakers talk about the importance technology is for our generation of students (huh, what a novel thought). The most intriguing speaker I listened to was Alan November; his challenging talk focused on "What do your students contribute to their school?". More on that later.

I've had many people say "so what does a principal do all summer?" A recap: read, prepare, move offices, sort junk that I didn't get to all year, read more, start my doctorate, schedule classes, hire new staff, keep sorting junk, and think about taking a vacation. About that last one, I did something I have never done before. I took 1 week and did nothing! really, didn't even check the emails beeping on my phone. I did however, manage to watch a ton of Cub's baseball (that wasn't really relaxing).

So, I will keep you posted on the baby situation. At the end of the week our new teachers will report. We are very excited to welcome the following staff:

Kayla De Vos (special education)
Stephanie Hanson (special education)
Nikki Pals (special education)
Karen Naig (FCS)

I hope you all had as an enjoyable and relaxing summer as I have had...but, luckily it is time to start another great year! I'm looking forward to working with students, parents, and the community to show the world class education we are providing for our students!

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