Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear Mother Nature...

Really?!? Are you that bored? Seriously?!? ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

With that said, some of you may wonder how I come to the conclusion that we have a 2 hour late, no school, or to let students our early. I have to tell you that it is the most stressful part of my duties! The #1 factor I take into consideration is student safety. I don't know if you have ever driven a bus (or remember what it was like driving as a teenager)...but it can be somewhat difficult even without snow, ice, or fog. So between getting up early to check roads, constantly playing meteorologist, and trying to see into the crystal ball, you can see why it may be challenging. Fortunately, I'm in constant communication with Superintendents from surrounding communities, and most often, we collaborate on the decision (that's why you see the "domino" effect).

I know someday there will be a time when you say, "why did we have a 2 hour late", but I hope you understand I want to make sure everyone can get to school (and back home) safely.


  1. I had an old timer tell me once, no one ever remembers the times you have a late start or no school and the weather ended up being OK. People remember the times we send kids to school when we shouldn't and there is an accident. Error on the side of caution my brotha.

  2. I am thankful for the thoughtful consideration of everyone's safety by the administrators who must make these tough decisions. What value can you put on a life under such circumstances? I do not envy any of you, and please know I appreciate the collaboration amongst you for making the best decisions you can. You have my support.