Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Focus 2.10.12

Ulrich Apple Awards: Mrs. Nelson for her organizing of the Iowa Assessment and following up with make-ups. Connie for being superwoman. Last but certainly not least...a huge apple goes to Mr. Hector for the great job he has done over the past month filling in for Mrs. Alesch! I appreciate his willingness to take on the challenge and commend him for a job well done!

Thought of the Week: One of the greatest challenges we face as teachers is to make students think. I'm not being sarcastic or witty. But truly, the hardest thing for students is to research, formulate an opinion, and give rationale for the decision they made based on research.

Truth be told, this is also one of the hardest things for teachers to do as well. We live in a "real time" world for information. Everyone on twitter has an opinion, facebook post are all true and evidence based (slight sarcasm there, sorry), and newspapers only give a snapshot of reality. It this type of world, deep critical thinking based on true reliable research is fading. It is our obligation as educators to stop this trend.

My challenge to us as educators is to do our own research. Formulate our own opinions. Create our own rationale. Start telling people what we are doing and why. If we can't do this, then we can't ask our students to do this either.

Through this critical thinking process, we will learn about ourselves and more importantly, be able to look parents, the community, and each other in the eye and say: this is whats best for our kids...and this is why...

Thanks for what you do,

Jesse Ulrich, Principal
Graettinger-Terril CSD
Twitter: @jdulrich76
Skype: jesseulrich

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